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State of the Union Report
Posted On: Mar 12, 2018


                                                                                                       STATE OF THE UNION REPORT

Daleo Freeman, President                 3/13/2018



The finances of the local are solid. The Union budget has remained solvent, “Contrary to some unfortunate misinformation,” I must report that the union is not on the verge of filing bankruptcy, nor have we filed bankruptcy.  Based on the budget, that was approved by the membership in January, the local will be in the black for the next five years. The local would like to thank the Budget committee, which was chaired by Assistant Director of Maintenance, Nigel Saleem for their efforts. Additionally, the local would like to thank members who have approved the administration to carry out various programs to continue to progress our agenda to remain diligent in staying in concert with our national agenda. Any member interested in receiving information about the finances of our Local union can receive a written report, which is approved by the membership every monthly meeting.

Management’s Plan for the APBS


Where management initially stated their intent to eliminate both APBS machines in the Cleveland Plant, the plans have changed. Whereas one APBS machine has been removed from the Plant, the second machine will remain in the plant. As for the Annex, that machine has been extended so that it can process Mixed States mail. Though the retention of these machines is a positive for the clerk craft, it will nonetheless present a minimal impact for the junior employees working on this machine since the original staffing was to accommodate two machines.

Excessing Cancelled

In addition to the retention of an APBS machine in the Cleveland P&DC, the dreaded excessing that was to occur in February has been cancelled. The local was successful in impeding the excessing event that would have potentially impacted 147 full-time regulars and could have led to the separation of 85 PSEs. Now the next step is to diligently file necessary grievances to get bids posted and future conversions. The membership can be assured that the local will keep a vigilant eye on the retention of bid positions in the Cleveland Installation. Currently, we are in a fight to retain bid positions as management continues to search for reasons to revert positions once an employee leaves a bid position. This procedure has resulted in some areas being severely understaffed. Nevertheless, the union is monitoring all of these areas and filing the necessary grievances.

Motor Vehicle Craft

The Motor vehicle craft has done an excellent job to get impressive results in the craft. There has been constant hiring in transportation and vehicle maintenance, as well as conversions to full-time regulars. Also, future hiring and conversions is the goal as well as achieving more jobs that are currently done by Highway contract drivers. It is the union’s plan to assume this work and return it to the Motor Vehicle Craft.

Maintenance Craft

The Maintenance Craft has also done excellent work in getting promotions in the craft for those in service, as well as well as off the street. It is the union’s plan to continue in the great work by obtaining more promotions as well as more hiring in the craft.

In Solidarity,

Daleo Freeman


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